Healthy You - Fat Quiz

​Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat

Full fat, low-fat, nonfat…there are many conflicting recommendations for which is best for good health. While many diets tout the benefits for following specific guidelinesfor this macronutrient, empower yourself with knowledge to understand the basics when itcomes to fat.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge. Answers included at the bottom. No cheating!

1. Heart-healthy “good fats” come primarily from:
a. plants
b. meat
c. dairy products

2. You should limit the total fat in your diet to the following:
a. 15-20%
b. 25-35%
c. 45%

3. You should limit the number of saturated fat grams each day to the following:
a. 0g
b. 7g
c. 15g

4. Trans fats are worse than saturated fat because they:
a. raise total cholesterol
b. raise “bad” LDL cholesterol
c. lower “good” HDL cholesterol and raise bad cholesterol

5. What type of fat is the least healthy type to put on your bread?
a. butter
b. stick margarine
c. olive oil

6. To avoid trans fats in packaged foods, avoid those with these words on the label:
a. partially hydrogenated oils
b. coconut oil
c. palm kernel oil

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Answers: 1: (a) 2: (b) 3: (c) 4: (c) 5: (b) 6: (a)