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​​Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus discovered in 2019. Since this disease is so new there is still a lot to be learned about it. To keep you and your family informed our health library now offers a one stop area with the very latest​ on Understanding Coronavirus: facts, prevention and symptoms​; Managing Coronavirus at Home: Coping emotionally and physically, as well as Coping with new routines. 

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Health News about COVID-19

Blood Yields Clue to Why COVID-19 is Tougher on Men​
​Stomach Ills May Signal COVID-19 in Children​
COVID-19 Still Rare in Kids, But Far From Harmless

Coronavirus is spreading faster in areas of U.S. that may open soon​
Isolation during coronavirus pandemic a trigger for depression

Saliva based ​test may be alternative to ​​deep nasal swab​

Handle DIY cleaning products with care during SIP​
Sheltering at Home? Take steps to avoid falls​​
​Tweets show Americans are following COVID guidelines​
Can you catch coronavirus from your clothes?​​
​Studies show coronavirus came to NYC via Europe not Asia​

​Clinical trials to investigate nitric acid treatment for COVID-19
International Effort to combat coronavirus
Labs Worldwide working on Vaccine​

How to talk to your child about COVID-19​
How to protect yourself against COVID-19​

Counties told to watch for increase in flu symptoms. CDC Flu Tracking

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