Holiday Safety Tips

​Holidays should be a time of celebration and fun. Keep your family and your home safe by following these holiday celebration safety tips.

  • ​If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the heat on the store and never leave the oven on if you leave the house without someone watching.
  • Turn pot and pan handles inward to prevent burns caused by overturned pots.
  • Have a pot lid nearby to smother a pan fire.
  • ​Always keep the water in the holder at least two inches above the cut to prevent the tree from drying out
  • Before leaving home or going to sleep, always unplug tree lights.
  • Watch pets and small children around trees as they can easily tip and cause injury.
  • ​Immediately after holiday celebrations, dispose of live trees and take down artificial ones.
  • Never put tree branches or needles in a fireplace or wood burning stove. They can spark and ignite nearby items.
  • The best way to dispose of a live tree is to take it to a recycling center or have it hauled away by a community pick-up service
  • ​Keep candles in a sturdy holder away from children, pets and combustible materials. Extinguish all candle flames before leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • To eliminate the risk of an open candle flame, use battery-powered candles whenever possible, especially when using candles in a decorative setting.
  • Space heaters need space - ensure at least one foot of clearance all around the heater and do not place next to any flammable surface
  • ​Holiday wrapping can be highly combustible and should be kept away from heat sources such as candles, lamps, fireplaces and wood burning stoves.
  • Never throw wrapping paper in a fire place. Rapid burning can generate sparks or ignite creosote in the chimney

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