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​​Health & Wellness Audio Podcasts

Hill Physicians' audio podcasts were developed by our health educators and certified holistic medicine experts. Some physicians, such as DO's (doctors of osteopathy) and other healthcare providers use relaxation and meditation as a part of ​holistic medicine practices. Hill Physicians network includes Doctors of Osteopathy. Learn more about the different​ Types of Primary Care Physicians

To get started, find a quiet spot, free from distractions. We recommend a low, calmly lit area where you may focus and absorb their benefits. Click the title each podcast to begin.

Smiling Meditation

Find a quiet space in your office or common area, plug in the earbuds and smile!
Begin Smiling Meditation

​Creating a Peaceful Day

Plug in your earbuds and enjoy your morning chai latte. 
Get started on a Peaceful Day

Guided Imagery for Migraines

Follow along as our wellness expert guides you through simple accupressure steps to alleviate migraine pain. 
Guided Imagery Practice

​​Whole Body Relaxation

Release the stress of the day from your body
Begin Relaxation

Find a Doctor of Osteopathy by looking for "DO" behind their name, in our directory.​

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