After Visit Services

​​​Knowing what to expect after your doctor's appointment for lab work, imaging, or referral ​to a specialist can help ease your mind. The information below can be used as an estimation for when you will hear back from your doctors office.

​If your doctor o​ffers MyHillChart Patient Portal, be sure to create an account​ for a more convenient way to get test results and communicate with your doctor​.

​General Processing Time*
Your Next Step​
​Routine Lab Work (blood work, urine sample)​
24-72 hours
L​og into your patient portal to view results or call your doctor's office.​
​COVID-19 Test Results
Variable depending on testing site and demand
Log into your patient portal to view results or call your doctor's office.​
​Imaging Results (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI Scan)
​X-ray - 24 hours
Ultrasound - 24-48 hours
CT Scan and MRI - 48-72 hours
Log into​ your patient portal to view results or call your doctor's office.​
Referral to Specialist
​The referring doctor will process the referral within 24-48 hours, depending on the urgency of your office visit.

Allow 5-7 business days for the office you were referred to contact you to schedule your appointment.
​After 5-7 business days, you can call the doctor's office you were referred to, for follow-up and/or to make an appointment.
​Non-urgent question or request to your doctor (requests sent by patient via phone or through patient portal)

​24-72 business hours
​Your doctor or care team will contact you either by phone or message you on your patient portal.

Contact your doctor's office if you have not heard back after 72 business hours.
Urgent and/or
Emergent Care Questions​
​Variable depending on severity of your condition
​Visit here if you need more information about urgent care, including when and where to go.

Authorizations vary by insurance, urgency, received date and additional information requests. 
View more information on authorizations.

*Processing times may vary for lab and imaging results. Please allow your doctor additional time to provide results.

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