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United Healthcare/Canopy contracts with your physician, who is part of Hill Physicians Medical Group. We are the largest independent physician association in Northern California with over 5,000 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists. 

We are proud to partner with care providers such as Care Connectors to ensure you get the best quality of care.

Our care services team including Nurse Case Managers, Health Navigators, Health Educators, Virtual Pharmacists and Social Workers insure you gain access to care and extended services.


The Annual Health Assessment process


1. Schedule Your Assessment

A Care Connectors Medical Group Representative will contact you to Schedule your assessment or you may call to schedule your appointment today at (800) 816-2046

2. Complete Your Assessment

The annual health assessment can be completed via video visit, an in-home visit, if needed, or in a clinic setting.


3. Receive Your Results

After the visit, Care Connectors Medical Group provides your primary care physician (PCP) with the visit notes, referrals for follow-up, and additional information from the assessment.
Care Connectors Medical Group Providers will not prescribe, change, and/or refill prescriptions. You will be referred to your PCP for prescription-related issues.
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Hill Physicians offers a unique extended care service team

Learn more about our unique care services designed to help you gain access to care. We offer free of charge: Case Managers, Health Educators, Social Workers and Virtual Pharmacy Consultants.

Elevate Your Healthcare

Care Services Provided To All Hill Physician Members – Free of Charge

Trusted Physicians

  • Provide quality care
  • Deliver personalized care
  • Practice independently

Case Managers

  • Facilitate hospital admissions to discharge
  • Oversee chronic condition treatments

Virtual Pharmacists

  • Manage medications
  • Recommend cost effective medications

Health Navigators

  • Connect patients to get care
  • Coordinate screenings and appointments

Health Educators

  • Offer lifestyle coaching
  • Customize nutrition plans
  • Educate patients on chronic diseases

Social Workers

  • Support housing and transportation needs
  • Facilitate community referrals

Learn More About Annual Health Assessments

Unlike a standard physical exam, an annual health assessment (AHA) is primarily focused on preventive care, health screenings and wellness planning. It gives you an opportunity to have a conversation about your health status and goals and then create a long-term plan to help you meet those goals and maximize your well-being.

An AHA can help with early detection of chronic disease. It is also an opportunity to discuss advanced care planning. Since Medicare completely covers the cost, you
do not have to pay for this visit.

Care Connectors is a healthcare services organization that helps address the diverse and challenging needs of members, providers, medical groups, and health plans.

To find out more information about this program, please contact Hill Physicians at (888) 445-5747, Voice to TTY (800) 735-2922