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HIPAA Information for Providers

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal regulation established to provide standards and protections for the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of an individual’s personal health information.

HIPAA also brought about sweeping changes in healthcare transaction and administrative information systems by standardizing electronic patient health, administrative and financial data. HIPAA affects providers, health plans and clearinghouses.

The information provided to you on this website is intended to assist you in understanding HIPAA and how it might apply to you. Neither Hill Physicians nor PriMed, however, is engaged in rendering legal or regulatory compliance or consulting services with respect to HIPAA or other matters. Because legal regulations may change from time to time, neither Hill Physicians nor PriMed guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the content related to HIPAA on this website or of the attached documents and neither promise or undertake to update this site or the attached documents. For legal advice on HIPAA, please consult an attorney.

California also has established standards in maintaining the privacy and security of an individual’s health information. In some instances, California’s rules are more restrictive than HIPAA. Hill Physicians providers must implement policies and procedures that reflect California law.

Members can read about HIPAA on our Member Rights page.