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Hill Physicians Medical Group is the largest independent physician association in Northern California with over 5,000 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists. 

We believe you may benefit from our extended care services to include Nurse Case Managers, Health Navigators, Health Educators, Virtual Pharmacists and Social Workers. This service is free of charge.

How and When To Access Care

Call Your Doctor's Office:

For routine appointments

✓ For chronic medical issues
✓ For help and advice
✓ For medication refills
✓ For follow-up appointments
✓ For lab questions or concerns

Visit Your Urgent Care Center:

For all of your after-hours or same-day care needs

✓ For sprains and strains
✓ For cuts and abrasions
✓ For fevers, coughing and colds
✓ For sore throats and ear aches
✓ For nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

Go To The Emergency Room:

For all immediate care for life-threatening issues

✓ For severe bleeding
✓ For severe abdominal pain
✓ For head Injury or other major trauma
✓ For chest pain or heart attack
✓ For stroke, weakness or numbness

Elevate Your Healthcare

Care Services Provided To All Hill Physician Members – Free of Charge

Trusted Physicians

  • Provide quality care
  • Deliver personalized care
  • Practice independently

Case Managers

  • Facilitate hospital admissions to discharge
  • Oversee chronic condition treatments

Virtual Pharmacists

  • Manage medications
  • Recommend cost effective medications

Health Navigators

  • Connect patients to get care
  • Coordinate screenings and appointments

Health Educators

  • Offer lifestyle coaching
  • Customize nutrition plans
  • Educate patients on chronic diseases

Social Workers

  • Support housing and transportation needs
  • Facilitate community referrals

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