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Meet Brenda Schmiegel and Tim Cereceres

In this episode of HillTop News, we spotlight Brenda Schmiegel RN, recently promoted Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, and Tim Cereceres RN, Senior Director of Care Management. Brenda discusses her 18-year journey at Hill Physicians and her collaboration with United Healthcare Medicare Advantage to improve patient care. Tim, alongside Pamela Laesch MD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Services, delves into care management strategies that notably affect patient health outcomes and shares insights on receiving an award from Anthem for the PPO Care Management Team’s excellence in care planning. Join us to explore the intricacies of clinical operations and celebrate the achievements of our healthcare leaders in this insightful episode.

Meet Michael Rosenfield

Embark on an insightful journey with our latest episode of HillTop News as we welcome Dr. Michael Rosenfield, the newly appointed Medical Director of Hill Health, in conversation with Marcy Norenius, our VP of Physician Strategy & Operations. Delve into Dr. Rosenfield’s remarkable background as he unveils exciting transformations within Hill Health, fueled by his unwavering passion for healthcare and medicine. Join us as we explore his dedication to providing exceptional care for diverse patient populations, including LGBTQ individuals, those affected by HIV/AIDS, and those battling addiction. Tune in for an enlightening discussion where innovation meets compassion, and discover how Hill Health continues to lead the way in delivering comprehensive and inclusive healthcare services.

Meet Nikki Chow

Discover the strategic brilliance of Nikki Chow, VP of Business Strategy and Government programs as she speaks with our new guest host Tim Richards, Chief Financial Officer as they dive deep into the inner workings of her department’s many responsibilities.  Explore how we navigate business development opportunities and foster strategic partnerships with health plans and external collaborators. Gain insights into our internal initiatives that fuel growth and enhance efficiency, with real-life examples including Mergers and Acquisitions activities such as Muir IPA integration and Sequoia IPA integration, and Strategic Partnerships like the Blue Shield Health Reimagined Partnership and Anthem Partnership.

Meet Kristi Watson

In this latest episode of Hill Top News, join us at the stunning Roundhouse Conference Center as we sit down with none other than CEO David Joyner and the incredible VP of Human Resources and Facilities Kristi Watson.  Get ready for a deep dive into the fantastic world of People Services and Facilities, where we uncover the secrets to skyrocketing employee engagement and building a company culture that’s nothing short of extraordinary! Don’t miss out on this inside look into what makes our workplace truly exceptional!

Meet Marcy Norenius

In this exciting installment, our CEO, David Joyner, engages in a candid conversation with our VP of Physician Network Strategy Operations. They delve into various aspects of our Oakland practice, Hill Health, Marketing & Communications, VCN, and our Physician Network. Stick around until the end for our entertaining Lightning Round, where David poses unscripted and intriguing questions, unveiling some delightful insights about Marcy!

Meet our CCO Mitra Javidi

Explore the World of Contracting with Mitra Javidi! 

In this episode of Hill Top News, our CEO David Joyner sits down with our brilliant Chief Contracting Officer, Mitra Javidi, to dive deep into the dynamic world of contracts, negotiations, and her team organization. Uncover the secrets to achieving negotiation mastery and gaining the upper hand in any deal with Mitra’s invaluable tips and strategies.

Project Synergy

Get ready for an extraordinary fifth episode that delves deep into the heart of innovation. Join us as we explore the transformative power of “Project Synergy” and its monumental impact on our organization. We’re thrilled to introduce this game-changing project, designed to elevate company efficiency and revolutionize the way we operate. Take a closer look at how Project Synergy is set to reshape our landscape by watching this special episode of Hill Top News! 

Meet Ryan Oliver

Welcome back to Hill Top News, your exclusive backstage pass to the inner workings of our company! In this exciting fourth episode, join our esteemed CEO as he dives deep into the world of legal matters with none other than Ryan Oliver, our brilliant Chief Legal Officer.

Meet our CIO Gregg Smith-McCurdy

Tune in to hear all about our Chief Information Officer, Gregg Smith-McCurdy, who is sharing key insights into topics such as cloud migration, artificial intelligence, and the importance of data to the success of Hill Physicians.

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Check out a new video communication platform designed to introduce leadership departments and engage in fun! Our ‘pilot’ features Britt Moroles, Director of Government Programs, and Lauren Miranda, COO.