Medicare Annual Health Assessment

​Hill Physicians Medicare Advantage members, you can get your Annual Health Assessment (AHA)—commonly referred to as an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)—​through our partner, Quality Health Partners (QHP), free of charge! QHP has options that may allow you to have your visit from the comfort and convenience of your home.

What is an Annual Health Assessment?

Unlike a standard physical exam, an Annual Health Assessment is primarily focused on preventive care, health screenings and wellness planning. It gives you an opportunity to have a conversation about your health status and goals and then create a long-term plan to help you meet those goals and maximize your well-being. An AHA helps strengthen your relationship with your doctor and in early detection of chronic disease, and the opportunity to discuss things like advanced care planning. Since Medicare completely covers the cost, you do not have to pay for this visit.

Who is Quality Health Partners?

QHP is a contracted provider and just like all Hill Physicians providers, they must meet our credentialing and contracting requirements. QHP employs specially-trained, licensed physician assistants in California to perform Annual Health Assessments. They are supervised by their own medical directors who are fully credentialed by Hill Physicians.

How it Works

  1. ​A QHP representative will contact you to schedule an appointment, or you may call to schedule your appointment at (888) 959-5192.
  2. The AHA can be completed via video visit, an in-home visit, if needed, or in a clinic setting.
  3. After the visit, QHP provides your primary care physician (PCP) with the chart notes, referrals for follow-up, and additional information from the assessment.
  4. QHP providers will not prescribe, change, and/or refill prescriptions. You will be referred to your PCP for prescription-related issues.
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