What Does a Medical Group Do?

​Hill Physicians Medical Group is the largest network of independent doctors in California. Medical groups like us, which are also called independent physician associations (IPAs), play a key role in healthcare. But exactly what an IPA is and does can be confusing. 

What Is a Medical Group?
A medical group/IPA is a network of independent doctors who own and operate their own practices …

How Do Medical Groups Work With Health Plans?
Medical groups/IPAs contract with health plans and take responsibility for the care of their members …

What Do Medical Groups Not Do?
Even though your medical group/IPA plays an important role in your healthcare, it doesn’t:

  • Provide health insurance.
  • Control copays or coinsurance.
  • Send billing statements (those come from your doctor or the healthcare facility you went to).

To learn more about why your medical group is important, read Selecting a Primary Care Physician.

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