How to Select Your Primary Care Physician

​Selecting a Hill Physicians doctor is simple. During open enrollment or when joining a new insurance plan:

  1. Select a health plan that offers Hill Physicians.
  2. Choose your Hill Physicians primary care doctor. If you don't have one, find a doctor in our directory.
  3. Enter your doctor's name and "Hill Physicians Medical Group" on your enrollment form. 

Remember, you can change your medical group at any time. Just call your health plan and ask to switch to Hill Physicians. Learn more about why you should choose Hill Physicians.

Helpful Tips

Finding a doctor who fits your individual needs is important. Here are five tips for anyone looking for a new doctor:

  • Ask people you trust who their doctor is. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues. Who is their doctor? How did they choose? Are they happy?
  • Decide what kind of PCP you need. Do you need someone who can see your whole family? Separate doctors for your kids and yourself?
  • Find a doctor using our directory. You can search by specialty, location, languages spoken etc. to find one who fits your needs.
  • Make sure the doctor you chose can meet your needs. Do you and your family need a doctor who speaks another language? Someone who can see you outside normal office hours?
  • Confirm the doctor you chose takes your insurance by calling their office. To save time, review the list of insurance plans many of our physicians accept.

Selecting a Primary Care Physician
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