Selecting a PCP

​​How to Select a PCP

One of the most important health care decisions you will make is selecting your primary care physician. This is your health care partner and central coordinator for everything pertaining to your overall health. There are many different types of Primary Care Physicians (PCP's). A D.O. is a doctor of osteopathy who uses complementary treatments along with traditional methods. An internist, or Internal Medicine doctor focuses on adults and a Pediatrician on children. However a Family Medicine doctor treats both. The good news is that Hill Physicians has more than 1,000 PCP's to choose from. Use our directory to search for the one that works for you.

The process for selecting your primary care physician is simple. During your employer’s open enrollment period or when joining a new insurance plan:

  1. Select one of our partner Health Plans
  2. Choose your Hill Physicians Primary Care doctor
  3. On your enrollment form enter "Hill Physicians" under the Medical Group selection box.

To change your medical group anytime outside of open enrollment, call your health plan’s customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card or contact our Customer Service for assistance.

Find a doctor

Helpful Tips
It’s important to find a primary care provider you trust, and who you feel comfortable talking to and working with. Here are five helpful hints when choosing a doctor:

  • Use our Physician Directory search tool. Get to know our doctors by reading their profiles. You’ll learn a little about them, their specialties and their approach so you can choose the one who’s right for you. You can also search our doctors by specialty and location to find one who fits your needs.
  • Make sure your insurance includes Hill Physicians doctors. To help save you time, review the list of insurance plans many of our physicians accept. Or select them in the directory filters.
  • Ask people you trust who their doctor is. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues. Who is their primary care doctor? How did they choose? Are they happy? Search for them by name in the directory.
  • Check that the doctor can meet your needs. Do you and your family need a doctor who speaks another language? Do you need someone who can see you outside normal office hours? Consider your needs and find a doctor who can provide them.